One Year of Travel – How We Did it

10 thoughts on “One Year of Travel – How We Did it”

  1. I love this post. I’ve followed your insta since your BBG times, and loved the updates on your travels. I’m from NZ, now living in Germany and traveling Europe and you’ve got me inspired about how I can prolong my stay and where else I can go after my contracts up in June 2016. Only problem is Europe is so expensive, but you’ve got me thinking about work away & how to live by a budget, so thank you! One thing I am struggling with- how did you manage to stay fit & eat healthy while you were on the go? x

    1. Hello – I’m so glad to inspire you and I definitely recommend looking into a work away for Europe. Staying fit & healthy was harder in some places than others. When we were camping we didn’t have problems at all – we did yoga when we woke up, did loads of hiking and cooked our own food. It was a bit harder when we had to eat out in Asia, South & Central America, but we just tried to choose the best options we could. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be though; we walked everywhere and did so much hiking that on the whole we stayed pretty fit. Hope that helps!

  2. I love this post! I recently chatted to you on Instagram and since reading this I was wondering if there were any cities you didn’t feel safe in? I really want to travel further outside of the comfort bubble of Europe to Thailand/Bolivia/Cambodia/Ecuador etc, but I’m worried about travelling to places where the culture isn’t safe towards women, or travellers. Did you have any experiences or advice with this? Xx

    1. Great question! I think we were incredibly lucky on our trip. Our only incident was my phone being pick pocketed in Cambodia, and on reflection this was my fault – I went against every rule because I felt safe in the place we were (looking around temples in Angkor Wat). I had my phone in an open bag and I’d just been using it – both obvious things you shouldn’t do. Generally though we were much more sensible; we both carried most valuables in an under-garment waistbelt, avoided getting taxis late at night that weren’t booked by a restaurant/hotel and stuck to busy streets.

      I know a lot of people who have run into problems in South America, and I think it was a mixture of luck and being overly cautious which meant we avoided any trouble. I was always a little nervous in the evenings but you can counter this by trying to travel in larger groups. Not drinking to excess is a big thing – nearly everyone who we heard who got into trouble had been drinking, making them an obvious target.

      Of course you have to be sensible but I wouldn’t let it stop you from travelling to these countries. We also didn’t go to the countries with the worst reputation on this trip: in south & Central America the countries with the worst reputations are Columbia, Honduras & Guatemala, and parts of Mexico. Not saying at all that you shouldn’t visit these, just that we did visit the “safer” ones on the whole.

      At the end of the day you do have to be ready to accept some risk: but the main risk is your stuff getting stolen. It’s much rarer that you’ll be hurt. If you’re backing up photos and your stuff is insured, then hopefully you can reach a point where you wouldn’t see it as the end of the world if this happened. Be most vigilant with your passport: this is the thing you’ll be most stuck if it does get stolen; keep it on your person at all times, preferably in a waist belt under your clothes. You could also consider having a decoy purse with an old phone and old credit cards that you could hand over if you got mugged. But fingers crossed you’ll be absolutely fine too!

  3. This was such a brilliant post! I’m genuinely shocked by how little you packed and how cheap your round the world flight was. It’s great to know places like Trailfinders offer this as I’ve used them for holidays before and found them to be brilliant.
    I did a three month tour of Australia and loved it but not sure if I’m ready for such a big trip but I loved hearing your honest opinions about the journey and the places you visited. I follow your Instagram and loved all your pictures, Bolivia looks seriously beautiful.
    I’m thinking about maybe doing a working holiday around Canada and wondered what you think about working whilst travelling? I know you said there’s possibilities in some places to work in the people’s homes and yoga retreats and such in exchange for accommodation… Do you think that’s the best way?
    Also, how hard did you find it to save before you went and how do you feel now you’re home? We’re you ever nervous/worried about travelling with your boyfriend and how it might affect the relationship in a negative way?
    Again, lovely post 🙂
    Vicki x

  4. Hi! I’m planning a world trip and a friend recommended I check out your blog – this has been so helpful.
    I wanted to ask you, how did you save your photos? Did you carry a laptop? Or did you have cameras with wifi? Thanks!!

    1. Hey sorry this took so long! I took an iPad and used the photo connector to upload from my SD card. I then uploaded everything whenever I had wifi to Flickr which offers 1TB of free storage, and doesn’t degrade the quality.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Hi there. Really enjoyed reading this blog. I am going travelling this summer for a few years and this is really useful information. Can I ask you a few questions, or be directed to where you may have already blogged about it- what camera and laptop did you take with you? I need to invest in these soon but wasn’t sure what would be best to take. Thanks!

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