Last week, Karl & I went to Cornwall. I was expecting a lovely, relaxed week of windy beaches and salty coastal walks. I was looking forward to organising some of our travelling photos, reminiscing and reading lots of books.

In the spirit of this, Karl suggested that we should watch the sunrise one morning, to remind us of all our adventures in our year away that began in the same way.

Whilst we were away, our best adventures always seemed to begin with the sunrise. We saw the sun rise above beaches in Vietnam, the temples in Angkor Wat, the mountains of New Zealand. On the flooded salt flats of Bolivia we watched the sky turn from inky black and flecked with stars to pinks and purples and reds as the sun rose into the sky, reflected on the ground below us. We saw it rise before descending on a hike deep into the Grand Canyon. Every morning in Patagonia we woke before the sun and set out on our way as it cast a flood of red through the mountains.

So, Karl persuaded me out of bed early on Thursday morning, and drove me to a coastal path. The twilight sky was completely clear and we could tell that it was going to be a beautiful day. We walked along the path until we found a spot looking out over the sea to the lightest point in the sky.

Karl had brought a picnic blanket in his backpack, so we laid it out and he said he was going to set the camera up on the tripod and the timer to get a photograph of us looking out at the view, just like the ones we have from our travels. I had no idea that he had set the camera to record, but I’m so glad he managed to capture the incredible moments that followed. Karl got down on one knee, and asked me to join him on the greatest adventure of all.

I of course said yes, and we enjoyed a beautiful and blissful rest of the week. Here are some moments from the week.

Adventures include: The Eden Project, St. Ives, Watergate Bay & Gorran Haven. 


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