Indie Friday Shopping Guide

It has been so refreshing this year in the run up to Christmas to see so many messages and support encouraging supporting small businesses over the big brands. Never is this message more important than around Black Friday, which can be a slightly disheartening display of mass consumerism for small businesses. That is why I …


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The Yoga Farm

We reached the yoga farm after a long day of sticky buses and our bags digging into our shoulders. Clutching a scrap paper of scribbled instructions from the website, we struggled up a steep dusty hill with the setting sun behind us still propelling it’s heat deep into our bodies.      And whilst this goes … Continue reading The Yoga Farm


We boarded the bus to the Laos border with little idea of what would do once we reached it. Nearly everyone we had mentioned Laos to had told us that we should get the slow boat to Luang Prabang, so this was as much of a plan we had formulated. As for getting to Laos … Continue reading Laos