House Portrait Round Up

As excited as I am to go away, I am also a little bit sad to be saying goodbye to my house portraits. I’ve been doing them for over a year now, and they are still one of my favourite things to paint. I love bringing the architecture to life with flowers and foliage and cats in the window.  I love receiving all the photographs of the different characters and styles of houses from all over the world – and I love the stories that come with them: the first wedding anniversary present, the long-loved holiday home in the South of France, the present for the parents leaving the family home for a retirement village.

The homes we live in are so much more than brick and mortar, and I really hope that my portraits portray that. As a farewell to them, I’ve taken a look through all my portraits (I’ve done over 50!) and chosen some of my favourites to share on here. I hope you like taking a look through them just as much as I enjoyed painting them!

1890495_811168132244008_1953945999_o 1911038_788562054504616_4895946_o 1979314_811168102244011_69778877_o10497403_858970527463768_5995577613969195061_o 558031_726578960702926_54426090_n 965400_726579144036241_954072235_o 1397505_726579154036240_1646419365_o 1461766_726579014036254_1013683841_n-2 1465722_760416617319160_1238810784_o 1495929_764923096868512_1973515835_o 1597292_787441224616699_1208617146_o 1800328_788552987838856_1683359614_n   1926211_787440351283453_2058974278_o  10001518_811167955577359_1400399762_n 10153935_816130751747746_1642886232192991249_n








3 thoughts on “House Portrait Round Up

  1. These are fantastic, you are so talented! What medium do you use? Watercolour and pens? I can’t wait to see what you paint on your travels, I have a lovely set of watercolours which I use for homemade cards and brightening up travel journals (but they are nowhere near as good as these!) Rosie x

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