Bangkok: 24.09.14 – 27.09.14

4 thoughts on “Bangkok: 24.09.14 – 27.09.14”

  1. I’m so excited to follow your journey for a year!
    My dream is the same as the one you are living right now and I hope I will be able to do it one day (and have the guts to leave everything for one year but I’m sure I will!)
    I hope that you will make few blogposts at the end of your adventure to explain how to make this dream possible (what to pack, how to save your money, how to plan your trip etc) because that’s one of the thing I’m most interested in.
    I will make sure to look at your blog often in my studies break this year (currently studying for a really competitive exam…). I’m sure it will be a great way to escape from all the stress and the pressure and live this adventure with you in my own way 😉
    Found you on Instagram btw and I’m so glad I did !
    Have fun, enjoy what your are seeing, living, experimenting, stay safe, smile, breath as much fresh air from different countries as you can and love hard!
    Big hugs from France
    Alice (Instagram: @alicebuet )

  2. What a magical read that was, so vivid and colourful. Can’t wait to read more of your adventures! Something I would wholeheartedly recommend is a one day cooking course in Thailand (I did one in Bangkok, but I bet they do them anywhere!) Make sure to have a local as your teacher, it’s a fantastic experience and by far was the highlight of my thailand trip, up there with the padi open water! Happy travels x

  3. Glad the journey has started so well after such a long time planning. Will be great to follow your adventures throughout the year. I will spread the blog with the rest of the St Michael’ staff. Keep safe and enjoy every minute. Tony

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